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Slave Training: Slaves and fucktoys get trained by their masters

BDSM Comic 'Pleasure Bound', Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of the 'Pleasure Bound' hot BDSM comic Vicki Faith is a gorgeous TV reporter known for her acid-tongued wit. She's hoping to boost her show's ratings by revealing the secrets of the elusive European star, Bizeray. This actress shocked audiences with raw sexuality and now she's able to satisfy her most deviant interests. Such as a penchant for BDSM and extreme sex and an illegal slave-girl trade. Vicki uses her connection to get accepted as a willing sex slave eager to enter the realm of bondage and submission. She's unaware that Bizeray and her followers take their roles very seriously. See the 1st chapter of the 'Pleasure Bound' BDSM comic!

BDSM comic from Ardem 'I Was A Toy For My Friends'

Obedient slave Dorothee gets her hair messed with cum Dorothee is 18 y.o. and Lucie and Mark are her parents' friends. She feels like their niece but one day Lucie "accidentally" allows her to peek at her sucking on her husband. The sight of blowjob turns out to be madly arousing... Lucie easily seduces Dorothee to masturbate along with her. Then she makes her suck on Marc's cock... Step by step Dorothee turns into an obedient fuck-doll. Lucie enjoys humiliating her slave and it turns out Dorothee loves being humiliated. She submissively strips naked in front of strangers, serves Marc to make him hard for Lucie, get punishment without a word and crawls naked on all fours to get fucked. Unfortunaly, she also allows Lucie to take pictures of her...

Cruel fetish comic 'The Confession of Guilt'

Innocent girl Angela gets kidnapped in 'The Confession of Guilt' extreme BDSM comic Angela, the 18 y.o. girl from a Christian family, gets punished for masturbating. Her pious parents send her to a strict boarding school, Heaven's Manor. Unfortunately, the headmaster of the school, Father Roccasius, appears to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. He enjoys torturing and humiliating the innocent girls and then forces them into sexual slavery. Very soon Angela ends up chained to a metal table and loses her virginity in the hands of another depraved maniac. Her only hope is to let her parents know. Angela's mother falls into Father Roccasius' hands too... See Angela's life as a slave in the 'Confession Of Guilt' cruel BDSM comic!

Perverted clinic in the 'Doctor Sex' BDSM comic from Arcor

Married woman changed into a cock-hungry whore in the Doctor Sex's perverted clinic Jessica Stenton s a beautiful, married woman. Her husband applies to Doctor Kurt Von Kramer, the notorious Doctor Sex, to fix her frigidity. He places his wife to Doctor Kramer's clinic and allows him to try everything to teach her to climax. Doctor Sex used to be a Nazi doctor and his treatment includes corporal punishments, regular brutal fuck, luck of privacy and other cruel and humiliating methods. But they bear fruit. Step by step, Jessica changes into a cock-hungry whore, a sex slave to the male patients of Doctor Sex. But one day, Jessica and her new lover Abel decide to escape from the terrible clinic...

Porn manga 'Dark Ping-Pong Club'

Japanese schoolgirl gets punished and tamed in the 'Dark Ping-Pong Club' fetish manga Japanese schoolgirl Nozomi San gets caught stealing from a school ping-pong club. The boys are going to punish her but Nozomi has a good friend Mikawa Kaede. Kaede agrees to take Nozomi's ordeal. In no time she is stripped naked and tied up. The guys enjoy beating, fucking and abusing her as they wish. In the end they shove a ball machine's barrel into Kaede's ass... And the device shoots the balls deep into the poor girl's guts all night long! But where is Nozomi? She was supposed to run and call for help, where is she? Read the 'Dark Ping-Pong Club' porn manga to learn what happened to Nozomi and her friend!
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