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Innocent girl Angela gets caught masturbating and punished

Cover Page

Cover page of the 'Confession Of Guilt' perverted sex comic
Synopsis: Angela Miller is a 18 y.o. girl from a very religious family. Her pious parents consider their daughter quite pure and innocent girl. And when one day they catch her masturbating, they punish her without mercy, shamelessly and violently. Moreover, they send Angela to a strict Christian boarding school, Heaven's Manor. The headmaster of the school, Father Roccasius promises to cure Angela's sinful ways. Unfortunately, Father Roccasius is a wolf in sheep's clothing and his school is a real living hell. Father Roccasius and his assistant, Doctor Kline, have very expensive and absolutely sadistic tastes. They enjoy humiliating and torturing the innocent girls and broadcast all the process to the Internet. Besides, all the girls are forced into sexual slavery and used as pain sluts for rich sadists. Very soon Angela loses her virginity in the hands of another depraved maniac. She gives up shame and does her best satisfying all the sadists and perverts to avoid the terrible punishments. Her only hope is to let her parents know about that nightmare. But her mother, Mrs. Miller, falls into hands of Father Roccasius too...

Page 01

Parents catch their daughter masturbating
- Look at this little slut! This is the second time I've seen her... watching her sinful programs and doing the disgusting, sinful things! I can't have our innocent, little girl defile her body, God's body with these impure and vile programs!
- You have to do something, husband! We need to discipline this little slut and teach her what happens to naughty little tarts who open their legs for anything!
...The Miller family was that believed strongly in the words and teaching of our Lord and Savior. A devout and devoted religious family, church was a sacred duty and the word of the Bible immutable law. On Angela's 18th birthday, Mrs. Miller slaved away in the kitchen baking a birthday cake. The Millers waited for their daughter to come down and celebrate, but Angela did not seem interested. They waited until they could wait no more... Angela's mother and father walked up to Angela's room and they received a most unpleasant surprise: a masturbating daughter!
- Angela! What in the God's name do you think you're doing?!
- M-mom?! Oh... I... I'm not doing anything... I... I was just...
- Silence, whore! I know exactly what you were doing! You were playing with yourself like some kind of bewitched Jezebel!

Angela falls into hands of cruel and perverted priests in the boarding school

Page 02

Daughter gets her ass brutally slapped by her father
- You slut! You whore! You Jezebel! You tart! How dare you touch and pleasure yourself!? How dare you defile the body that God has given you?!
- Aahh! Stop! Oh God, please stop, you're hurting me!
- She dares to take our Lord's name in vain, dear husband! She must have been truly corrupted by that sinning box in her room! I'm afraid this won't be enough for Angela... Oh no... Not by far!
- We must take her to a place that is pure... A place that can truly save her soul... Clothe our sinful daughter!
- Do... Do I have to go to Heaven's Manor, mother?
- Yes. It will be best for you... They will correct your sinful nature and make you pure again in the eyes of the Lord.
- Obey Father Roccasius, Angela! This is for your own good! It's a strict, Christian boarding school. They will know what's best. Now we must make you ready...
...The Millers took Angela away to a distant boarding school, far from the city...
- Now that your parents are gone, we can get down to business! Put your hands above your head! I'm going to strip you bare!
- W-what?! B-but...
- Your father told you to obey me! Obey me! I must inspect every inch of your body to make sure you're not hiding anything wicked and naughty!

Page 05

Perverted priest Father Roccasius makes an innocent girl masturbate
...Poor Angela had no choice but to obey Father Roccasius... Her own father had warned her to obey the priest... Little did she know, but things were going to get worse for her... Much, much worse...
...Oh God, this is so embarrassing... I can't believe this is happening to me!.. I shouldn't have played with myself... Now some strange man is looking at my most secret parts!..
- Yes... Yes... You will do nicely! Mmm... Such succulent, sweet flesh! And innocent too! This is great!
- Why... Why are you taking pictures of me? This is so embarrassing!..
- As it should be! That feeling of shame is one that God has given you for being a wicked whore! Never mind what I'm doing... It is for your benefit! Now we must take deep and intimate photos fo your crotch, of your snatch, to make sure you're not hiding anything...
...The innocent girl felt such deep and awful shame as the camera snapped its lewd pictures of her, and the flash blinded her. Her face flushed red, and she squirmed rubbing her soft, silky thighs together, as she tried to shield her most and sacred of places... Meanwhile Father Roccassius felt his own cock grow harder and harder in his pants as he thought of all the awful and nasty things he would do with dear, innocent Angela...

Page 06

Innocent girl tied naked in the dungeon
...Angela was escorted from the relatively posh surroundings of Father Roccassius' study deeper into the bowels of Heaven's Manor. This so called Christian school for young girls had a secret dungeon deep inside it. Unfortunately for poor Angela, she had no idea what was in store for her...
- Hello, my dear. I'm doctor Kline. It will be my most humble and esteemed duty to inspect your body and see how deep the taint of depravity and sin runs inside you...
- If... If you say so, sir... Please... Please, is it really necessary to keep me tied naked like this?.. And that light... It's so bright...
- I'm afraid it is, child... You see, you might end up playing with yourself even more than you already are. It's for your own good. I hope you understand. And I'm concerned, when you shine from the light like that, it reveals just how corrupt you may be... You do wish to be saved and brought back to the Lord, right?
- I... I... Yes, I do...
- Good, good... Let's begin, shall we? After all we must make sure that you're clean and pure before the Lord...
- If... If that's what you think needs to be done...

Page 07

Innocent girl Anger goes through a humiliating examination and gets filmed
- Now of course it is important that I record the procedures... To establish a record of your cleanliness... Or lack thereof! The camera also feeds to Father Roccasius, who will be monitoring you for any signs of sin and blight
- Is... Is this really necessary, Doctor? I... I don't want to be filmed naked...
- It's for your own good, child... Trust me! I wouldn't lie to you!
...Unbeknownst to Angela, Heaven's Manor needed more money than it received in tution fees to educate young and innocent girls. Father Roccasius and his cronies had expensive and sadistic tastes, after all... There was a lucrative porn market with an insatiable appetite for tormenting and hurting innocent girls, and they were willing to pay for something more real, more raw...
- I can see her from here, Doctor. Please, proceed. Let's see if the girl is as corrupt as her parents believe.
- My Goodness... Your nipples are quite sensitive, child! Look how they spurt with lust!
- Oooww! Stop! Please! You're hurting me!
- Heh heh heh... You claim I'm hurting you, but only a sinful slut full of desire would have tits this juicy! Isn't that right, viewers?
...Viewers?.. What does he mean by viewers?.. Isn't it just Father Roccasius?..

Page 08

Perverted doctor makes an innocent girl cum and squirt
- We've got many toys here in Heaven's Manor, surely enough to satisfy a streetwalking strumpet like you, no? I bet you recognize this... Can you feel it against your sensitive feet? Just imagine what it will feel like against your clit!
- Oh my God, what is that? It's making my toes tingle!
- Let's see how well you handle this, my dear. Pain and pleasure, a lovely combination!
- N-no! Don't! Aaaahh!
- My God! Just look at how much she squirts! She's like a fucking waterfall! How revolting! You truly are disgusting gutterslut, aren't you!
- N-no... It's not... It can't be...
...Angela felt the deepest shame at what Doctor Kline said, but deep down, she was afraid that his words were true: even now, her pussy was twitching and spasming with a pleasure her innocent mind could never have dreamed of mere days ago when she touched herself watching the television... Maybe she was a slut, after all...

Page 10

Naked slave girl gets her pussy brutally whipped
- Such insolence! Clearly your training hasn't taught you manners! You're still thinking with your crotch instead of you brain! I'll fix that... Pay close attention, Angela! Mrs. Mulligan here is an especially difficult case. She came to us a wanton whore, much like yourself, but rather than feel shame or remorse for her actions, she's only become more insolent and lusty!
- Hah! You couldn't break a toothpick! Do your worst, "Father", see how much I care!
- Take note, Angela this is what happens to naughty sluts who talk back to their betters!
- A whip! Oh, I'm so scared! Is that the best you can do?
- Brave words! Let's see how your crotch handles THIS!
- Eeeeeaaaaaarrrrhhh!!
- Right between your slutty legs, you filthy, disgusting whore of Babylon!
- Stop! Please stop, sir! You're killing her!
- Oh, I'm not done with her yet! Not by a long shot! Your pussy must be taught humility and pain, Janet Mulligan!

Perverted doctor tortures the helpless girls and gets it filmed

Page 11

Naked slave girls go through a painful and humiliating examination
...Father Roccassius is a busy man... A slaver of young, innocent girls must be so in order to keep profits high... The poor girls were treated like meat... Inspected and graded...
- What are we doing here? Why must we be naked?
- Susan, 18 y.o... Have you slept with another man? Answer honestly and the Lord will have mercy!
- Four boys have seen me naked... But I've never slept with them...
- More than one is too many! I knew I smelled the stink of sin on your body! Let's see how "honest" your answer is... By seeing just how tight your twat is! Get on the chair!
- Oh my God, what is he doing to her!?
- Don't look! You might be next! That guy is a complete sadist!

Page 12

Helpless tied girl gets her open pussy brutally tortured
- Now let's see how well you handle cock! You'd better relax those cunt muscles, my dear, or this will be... very painful...
- Aaaah! Please, Father! Please! It's too big! It's going to hurt me! Don't let him put that inside me!
...A place like Heaven's Manor breeds only the cruelest of monsters... Father Roccasius and Doctor Kline were no exception. They brutalized the helpless girl's pussy while she wailed and screamed in pain and agony... Rather than instill pity, Susan's screams only made the men's cocks throb and grow rock hard... Susan had now choice but to accept the massive, metal dildo deep inside her cunt. Her twat twitched painfully and spastically as Doctor Kline slowly, but inexorable thrust the full length of the metal cock deeper and deeper up Susan's groaning snatch... A soft, dewy sweat broke out over Susan's body as she straggled to accept the huge invader...

Page 15

Innocent girl gets chained down for a humiliating anal examination
- You fucking slut! How dare you vomit all over my cock! You'll pay for that!
..."Father" Groding let his rage take over him, and he dropped all pretense of being a clergyman... Poor Angela, terrified out of her wits as Mr. Groding chained her down, didn't even notice...
- Roccasius tells me you're a virgin. I hope for your sake that he was right. I spent quite a bit of money on you, slave, and you'd better pay up! Now... Let me take a peek at those nice, tight holes of yours!
...Money?.. What the heck is he talking about?.. Oh God... Oh God, what is he going to do to me?.. This can't be good...
Hehehe... A tight asshole just might be my mealticket! Let's see just how good your asshole is...
...Angela's young, delicate body shivered in the coldness of the dungeon cell, as "Father" Groding ran his rough, oily hands over her supple, youthful body... Mr. Groding mistook Angela's shivering for arousal - in reality innocent girl was shivering from pure terror. Her back arched away from his fingertips as he slid his hand down the curve of her spine and across the swell of her full, perfect globes before nestling rudely in the crack between the girl's ass chicks. Angela had no idea what was in store for her innocent ass cherry... No idea...

Page 16

Chained slave girl gets an enema
- Holy shit! I can barely fit my fingers in there! I guess Roccasius was right! But first we've got to clean you up, hehehe!..
- No! Please stop! What are you doing?! I... I can't take any more! Please!! I'me going to explode!!
- Do you think I give a fuck? Go ahead! It's the least you deserve for puking while giving me a blowjob, you fucking slut!
...Mr. Groding filled poor Angela to the brim before he finally relented and let her reliefe herself...
- Yeah, just like that... Now your ass is nice and clean... and ready to get fucked!
...Oh God... These guys are monsters... I have to get out of here, or they're going to kill me...
- There we go! Nice and spread! Let's see how clean your asshole is...
- P-please... -=Sob=- Please, just let me go... I won't tell anyone... Please...
- Oh, I'll let you go... After I'm done with you! If you want me to leave your asshole be, there are other parts of a woman I can hurt instead!
- Aaaaahhh! What are you doing?! Please!! Please leave me alone!! You monster!!!

Page 17

Naked slave girl gets stretched up and tortured with the needles
- Now that's not very nice! And I had so much fun planned for you... Let's play a little game, shall we? Can you guess what I'm going to do with these?
- You... -=Sob=- You're going to... Oh God, please!.. Please no!! Please no more!! Please please please let me go!!!
- I'm afraid that's incorrect... I guess I'm going to have to teach you... The hard way!

Page 18

Slave girl jammed in the wooden stocks gets tortured and ass-fucked
- I'd half think you like getting fucked with a mouth like that! I guess I'm going to have to fuck you hard, to make sure you DON'T like it!
- You fucking pervert! Let go of me! Let go of me right now! Ahhh... Aaaahhh! I'm going to make you pay for this!
...Janet cursed and cussed as the guardsman fucked her asshole raw. She struggled with all her might to free herself as the guard's thick dick penetrated deeper inside her ass...

Page 19

Helpless slave girl gets her cunt stretched with a bottle
-You'll make me pay for this? Really? How exactly are you going to do that? You're locked up inside that itsy bitsy little box and I... I can do anything I want with you!
- Aaaah! Get your hands off me, you fucking pervert!
- Well, let's see how you feel after I stretch your cunt with a bottle?
- Aaah!! Stop!! It's too big!! Aaaeee!!
- Hehehe... I know you enjoyed this you dirty tramp! You stay right there, little lady! I'll be back for you... to finish the job!
- Huff... Huff... I'd... I'd like to see you try... Ahh... Oh God... My holes are so sore...

Page 21

Innocent girl gets stretched up on the table and fucked for the first time
- I'll be the first man to fuck that tight twat of yours! How does that make you feel, getting reamed by a filthy, old man like me?
- No! Please no! Haven't you done enough? Please!
...Angela struggled in vain in a desperate effort to free herself from the table... She could smell Groding's dick from here, and the smell filled her with shame and disgust... This wasn't how her first time should be... Not with him!..
- I haven't done with you, not by a long shot! This is gonna be good... Fucking that tight pussy of yours until I flood your guts with my cum!
- Aaahh! Stooop!! You're hurting me!! Please, no moooore!!!
...Angela could only cry in pain and humiliation as she felt Mr. Groding's fat cock drive deep into her innocent, helpless pussy... She was this man's plaything and totally helpless...

Angela's mother gets kidnapped and tortured along with her daughter

Page 22

Perverted priest makes a mature woman strip naked and spread her legs
- I'm afraid not, Mrs. Miller. Spread your legs!
- Wh... What? Why?
- Surely a moral and righteous woman like yourself has nothing to hide. Spread your legs!
...Mrs. Miller felt her face flush red with shame at thought of exposing herself to another man than her husband... But she trusted Father Roccasius... That was her first mistake... Lured by the implied promise, "surely a moral and righteous woman", she did as she was told. If only Mrs. Millers knew that Father Roccasius was hardly a man of the cloth, as she believed, she might not have done this...
- I knew it! You're not even wearing panties, you fucking slut! Like mother, like daughter! I knew the corruption went deeper! How dare you walk into the house of the Lord undressed as you are!
- I.. I can explain, Father... I just...
- Save your words! You would lie like the Serpent, just to get your own way! I'm afraid I must insist that you stay here as my personal guest, Mrs. Miller! Your husband wouldn't want his own wife parading her naked virtues in front of a holy man!
- No... What are you doing?..
- You're getting wet, aren't you? I can see your corruption has already spred deep inside you!

Page 24

Kidnapped girl gets tied up, blindfolded and fucked in front of the camera
- Good, good... Now we'll begin the cleansing ritual, Mrs. Miller. I hope, you do cooperate, lest you reveal your collusion with the Devil himself! A good woman of the Lord has nothing to fear. A sinful harlot of Satan would resist with all her might! You're not a sinful harlot, now, are you?
- Mmmmfff!.. Nggghhh!.. Mmmmfffff!!
- I do hope that's a yes. Heh heh... Let's begin!
...At the same time the blueballed and cockteased Mr. Miller was surfing the Internet, enjoying his alone time while his bitchy wife was out taking care of their disgusting daughter... A man who was constantly cockblocked by his wife's own self-righteous arrogance, he needed something to help... "relieve stress"... Mr. Miller watched with lust as the naked, blindfolded woman was thrown to the floor ant treated like a piece of meat... His cock grew thick and throbbed as he watched the woman struggle against her bondage and scream into her gag. "May be I should treat my wife the same way..." he thought to himself as he watched the woman spread her legs...
- Spread your legs you slut of Satan! It's time for me to cleanse your crotch with some holy water! What a whore! You're already juicing up from my gentle ministrations!
...Meanwhile the naked, blind and helpless Mrs. Miller struggled not only against her own bondage, but against the rising lust in her loins... Her own body betrayed her, and her own pussy grew damp from Father Roccasius' touch...

Page 25

Kidnapped girl gets her pussy and ass electrocuted
...Mrs. Miller's face flushed red with shame as Father Roccasius rammed his fist down her ass... She screamed into her gag and struggled like a wild banshee. At the very least, it was only Father Roccasius who was seeing her in such a compromising position... "Thank God, my husband can't see me like this!" Mrs. Miller thought through her tears of humiliation... He was completely unaware that her shameful acts being broadcast to the entire world and that her own husband had turned too...
- Now if you know what's good for you, you'll keep those electrodes deep in your whoring holes! Otherwise I will have to dispense even more of the Lord's judjment upon your filthy, disgusting body! Let's begin, shall we?
- Phhhhhh! Mmmmfffff!! Nnnngghhhh! NNNGGGHHHH!!!
...The electricity coursed through Mrs. Miller's sensitive and helpless pussy, and Mrs. Miller flopped on the floor like a bonded fish... She tried to eject the hated electrode, but her pussy clamped down hard on the metal probe, as the electricity pulsed through her crotch... Mrs. Miller let out a scream of pure, animalistic fury and pain that was only barely muffled by the gag shoved into her mouth... Worst of all, she thrust her crotch like a total slut!..

Page 26

Perverted priest makes an innocent girl pray naked
...Father Roccasius was a busy man indeed... Once he was done with Mrs. Miller, he went to visit her daughter, Angela, in the basement dungeons...
- Have you been performing your prayful ministration, my dear?
- Yes, sir... I have...
- Good! Let me hear you repeat it!
...I'd better do as he says, or I'm in real hot water... -=Gulp!=-
- Yes, sir... As you wish, sir... Men are my Master... I must always obey my Master... He will is mine to do, on Earth as it is in Heaven...
- Good... Good.. Do you see these girls, Angela? These were girls that didn't remember their prayers... These were girls that let their crotch drench and wetten whenever they thought of cocks and a hard fast dicking! We had to do quite a bit to make sure they stayed on the path of righteousness. Let their failure be a reminder that the same fate could be in store for you! Now, why don't you lie down and rest for the night?
...Oh thank God, he's finally going to leave me alone...

Page 28

Kidnapper stretches his victim up and shaves her pussy
- Let's begin, shall we? If you're not comfortable with this, just let me know. Don't be afraid to ask... Heh heh heh... Damn, you've got such a sweet looking puss... I'm hard already! I bet it'll look even sweeter when it's naked and free of all hair.
...Roccasius' cock throbbed painfully in his pants, pressing against his zipper seam as he slowly and metodicaly bared Angela's naked form... His eyes drunk in her innocent, tight, youthful body. Roccasius imagined the shock and horror she would feel when she woke up and discovered that her crotch had been shaved... Roccasius imagined the shame and humiliation she would feel from her pussy, grown extra sensitive after being robbed of all its hair... She would feel naked and vulnerable... This he already knew... So many other helpless girls had whispered such horrified words to themselves... This one would be no different...
- Wow, your puss smells amazing! You're just making my dick throb, aren't you, babe? Damn, I just want to take you right now and fuck the shit out of you!

Page 30

Kidnapper plays with his victim's clit, pussy and asshole
...Angela's breath quickened, and her face and labia became flushed with pleasure as the vibrator worked its magic at her sensitive little clit. If only Angela was awake, he would marvel at how much more sensitive her pussy had become! Father Roccasius grinned widely as he watched the girl's clit slide out of its protective hood. He opened her mouth slightly and began moaning like a whore...
- Do you feel that, right? Do you feel that vibe on your clit, you little slut? Show me how much you like it...
- Mmmm... Aahhhh... Mmmmnnnn...
- Heh heh heh... Looks like we've got a squirter here! Nice! Very nice! And your squirt smells amazing too! You are a real keeper, you are! I think we're going to have lots of fun with you!
- Wh... What...
- Oh, you're waking up? Looks like you're a real fighter, aren't you?
...Angela's innocent mind experienced and extreme moment of horror as she woke up from her dazed slumber, roused by the primal intensity of her forced orgasm... Father Roccasius hovered her like a demon, and all she could feel was the aching touch of something in her pussy and the taste of his cock as he rammed it home...

Helpless slave girls get their punishment in the hands of mad priest Father Roccasius

Page 31

Kidnapped girl gets chained down and ass fucked
- That's it, I can't take anymore! Mr. Groding may have paid for your pussy, but he didn't say anything about your tight, virgin asshole! That's it! I'm going to blow my load deep in your guts! Holy shit... I can barely get my cock into your cornhole... That means you're gonna be am amazing lay! I guess, I just have to force it in... Oh yeah... Fuck yeah! Oh fuck! OH FUCK!!!
...Meanwhile in another part of the dungeon, it seems that the naughty Janet Mulligan has freed herself and is busy "inspecting" the prisoners...
- Who... Who are you?.. Please, help me! Get me out of here! We have to call the cops!
- Shhhh... I want to see how good your lips taste first.
- Wh-what? What are you talking about? Please, help me!
- You should just lay back and enjoy it. I know you're liking this, aren't you? I bet, deep down you're secretly a lesbian, and you enjoy being touched by another woman?
- N-no... Stop... This is... This is wrong... No... Please...

Page 33

Slave girl gets her tits tortured with a red hot iron
- Girls! Take note! If you behave as lasciviously and violently as Miss Mulligan, here, you may share her fate! Now strip!
- Yes, Father...
- As you wish, Father...
- You love those nice, juicy tits, don't you, Miss Mulligan? It would be a shame to lose them?
- Argh... Go... Go fuck yourself... You perv...
- I'm going to teach Miss Mulligan a lesson! I'm going to skewer her tits with a red hot poker! May be then, she'll remember who's the Master here! And you're going to help me!
- No! You can't!
- You wouldn't dare! You don't have balls!
...Father Roccasius walked to a brazier pulled out a red hot poker... Even from a distance, the naked girls could feel the heat coming of the burning coals...
- Punish her tits, Miss Mitchell! Do it! It's the will of God! Drive this red hot poker deep into her tit meat!
- No! Please don't make her do it! This is insane!

Page 35

Helpless woman restrained in the straightjacket gets her pussy tortured
...Sheila's eyes widened in horror as she looked at the enormous rubber dildos that Doctor Knile held before him... She felt very naked and vulnerable, her legs spread and held open by the armrests of her chair... Doctor Knile bent down and slowly worked the prongs inside the helpless female...
- How does it feel to be porked by this nice, thick dildos? Tell me the truth, girl!
- Ahh... Ahhhhhh... Please... They're so big... Please, be gentle... Ahh... Aaahhh!..
- Heh heh heh... And that's not even the best part! Guess where this part goes? Any guesses? It's going straight up to your urethra!
- My... My... No! You can't be serious! Please!
...Doctor Knile was unmoved by her tears and he worked the unlubricated urethral probe deep inside her pisshole!.. Sheila's face grew red and she screamed bloody murder, struggling wildly against the straightjacket and the chair which held her prisoner... It felt like a burning probe had been shoved into her most sensitive and intimate of places, lit her entire crotch with an unholy and ungodly fire... Doctor Knile methodically worked the urethral probe into her pisshole until it was nestled firmly inside her bladder... Sheila, meanwhile, could only scream in pain and shame...
- Heh heh heh... What a naive little child! You think this hurts! Trust me, it'll hurt worse once I press this button!

Page 36

Mad doctor tortures his female patient restrained in the straightjacket
- Why don't we take it for a little test run? I'm excited about this. Are you?
- I... I... Please... Please have mercy...
- And this is what will happen when you disobey me, Father Roccasius and Heaven's Manor!
- Now, when Father Roccasius gives you and order, you'll obey it, right? Your parents are going to be stopped by tomorrow to check on their little girl... You had best behave yourself, or I'll fry your crotch to a crisp! Do you understand?
...Pain, anger and humiliation filled Sheila's eyes... She wanted to turn around and throttle the thin, sadistic and arrogant doctor... But the probes were still deeply planted inside her, the inflatable necks keeping the shocking dildos deep inside her asshole and her womanhood... If she disobeyed again, she knew she'd receive a devastating shock to her crotch... Fear kept her anger at bay... Fear made her docile and obedient...
- I... I understand...
- Good... Good...

Kidnapped enjoys torturing and fucking Angela and her mother

Page 38

Kidnapped makes his slave girl dance naked on the table
...When Angela was brought to a room, she was shocked to find Sheila Mitchell hanging from the ceiling, her pretty feet lifted off the ground and dangling helplessly... She watched with horror as Mr. Groding ran his fingers over Sheila's body... Music filled the room... Mr. Groding pointed to the table... "Get on the table and dance!" he shouted stabbing his thick, meaty finger at the table... Terrified, Angela did as she was told...
- Well, what are you doing just standing there? Get on the table and dance! Entertain me!
- B-but, sir... I don't know how to dance...
- Well then pretend, dammit! I didn't pay for your dancing skills! Show me some leg and some crotch, slave!
- Yes, sir...
- Yes, just like that. Heh heh heh, that's a good start, slave! Keep going. I need to make sure your friend over here isn't left alone. After all, her holes need a proper seeing too!
- No! Please! Let me go! I don't want to do this anymore! Please! Someone let me go!

Page 39

Kidnapper tortures the assholes of two helpless girls
...Mr. Groding brutally ripped the plugs from Sheila's crotch. Her helpless holes twitched painfully as Mr. Groding walked over to the table and lifted Angela off it without any effort. The blonde beauty squeaked as Mr. Groding laid her down across the helpless Sheila Mitchel... Terrified, Angela laid tender, feminine lips on Sheila's mouth...
- Oh yeah, that's nice! This girl has a real tight ass, you know that? I wonder, which of you will be the better butt lay... Tell you what, lets play a game! The one who gives me the better butt blow is the one who won't get whipped and caned! How does that sound?
...Mr. Groding brutalized both Angela and Sheila's assholes, his cock growing thicker and throbbing harder as he heard the girls scream and cry in protest at this rough handling of their abused holes... The girls laid there in fear, afraid of being picked first for the brutal ass fuck... Mr. Groding grinned...
- Aaaah! Oh God! Oh God, it hurts too much!
- There we go! That should have stretched out your holes well enough! Now you'll be ready to take my dick at full length!

Page 40

Two slave girls get their assholes tortured and brutally fucked
...Angela screamed and shrieked as her ass was violently distroyed... Poor Sheila, laying underneath Angela, had to endure the cruel pounding as well, her shackled ankles and wrists taking the full weight of three people...
- Mr. Groding, sir, I'm afraid I'm going to stop you right there. We need Angela for something quite urgent. Surely you understand...
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