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Beautiful mistresses sit on faces of their slaves

Strict mistresses dominate their slaves by facesitting for cunnilingus and rimming

Facesitting drawings from Namio Harukawa

Femdom erotica drawings from Namio Harukawa. Namio Harukawa is a Japanese artist known for his female domination adult art. His artwork features plump women with large breasts and sumptuous hips who humiliate their male slaves. The most common theme is facesitting for cunnilingus or rimming but sometimes the slaves can be punished, whipped, collared or even used as human toilets. Namio Harukawa created about one thousand adult drawings in his own exciting and unique style.

Hot adult manga 'Next Door Nurse'

Anal examination in the 'Next Door Nurse' manga from Shiomaneki A common situation. Taku Tonari-kun, a usual Japanese guy, comes to hospital with a stomach ache. But look, who's that gorgeous, busty nurse? Isn't it Misa-san, the former next-door neighbor, he used to has hots for? Hell yes... And she, definitely, grew even more beautiful since they played and bathed together! And now she's going to do a full medical examination to him... Including deep anal examination... and thorough inspection of his testicles! Well, don't be shy, Taku-kun. When a finger in your anus makes you hard, a good nurse knows well what to do!

Women dominate their toilet slaves in Harukawa Namio's drawings

Male slaves lick ass and drink piss in toilets in Harukawa Namio's drawings A piece of female domination art from Harukawa Namio. Plump, sumptuous women dominate their male slaves in the most humiliating and dirty ways. Submissive men must serve their mistresses at toilet. Naked and miserable, they must lick women's butts clean, drink their piss and even eat their shit. Can you imagine anything more degrading? Who might allow using his mouth as a toilet pan? If you like such an art, see absolutely submissive male slaves in facesitting and femdom drawings from Namio Harukawa
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