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Samples from the famous porn comics magazine 'French Kiss'

Famous adult comics magazine French Kiss (English version)

Adult comics magazine 'French Kiss' #01

French Kiss Comix is the English version of Spain's very popular erotic anthology, a sizzling collection of adult stories and XXX comics. You can find works from Noe Ignacio, Belore, Messina, Ferocius, Kevin Taylor and other well known artists working in the erotic genre. It is considered Spain's premier erotic art and comics magazine, featuring lusty ladies and horny men in bawdy and promiscuous situations. Also has reviews of erotic books and websites, plus the info on sexual trends and behavior. Issue #01 contains porn comics 'Out Of This World', 'Grandma's Present', 'Power To The Housewives' and many others.

Adult comics magazine 'French Kiss', issue 02

Adult comics magazine 'French Kiss', issue 02 See the second issue of adult comics magazine 'French Kiss'. In this issue you can find 'Random Acts Of Kindness' from Ignacio Noe (the stunning blonde thanks a guy for helping her with her car), 'A Midsummer's Fantasy' from Honey (a girl finds out a way to lose weight eating ice cream), 'Highest Score' from Sosa & Val (if you're ready to fuck the whole jury to gain the Miss Universe crown, don't forget women!) and many other comics from Ferocius, Alvaro, Belore, Juan Emilio and Susi Glamour.
Famous adult comics magazine 'French Kiss'
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