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Nicole Heat 04 - More Men!

Porn comic 'Nicole Heat #04 - More Men!' In this part of the comic Nicole Heat gets her first experience of group sex. She is offered a new role in Jack's movie. You can imagine what type of role it is. Soon Nicole finds herself naked on her knees with five cocks rocking in front of her face. Of course, she feels uneasy, but the camera is rolling and it's too late to chicken out. So Nicole go for the biggest black cock, closes her eyes and starts licking the tip... And soon she has all her holes rubbed sore, stretched and full of cum but she still begs for more! Oh, Nicole Heat serving five cocks at once is a sight worth seeing!

Nicole Heat 05: Declassification

Rolf makes Nicole Heat and Catherine take part in group sex orgy in this illustrated porn story Nicole Heat and her girlfriend Catherine go shopping! And what do you think they buy? Of course a double dildo. And of course they head at Nicole's place to try their new toy. But it turns out that Rolf throws a party tonight. And he definitely has something on his mind... He brings his laptop, turns the projector on... And everyone can see their dear Nicole Heat getting fucked by 5 men! Busted! Well, if Rolf's girlfriend's got such a hobby, why not use it? And Nicole and her girlfriend get fucked by Rolf's mates in the most wanton ways they can think out. 'Yeah, that's quite a revenge!' thinks Nicole to herself choking on Rolf's cock. 'But only for him...'
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