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Adult comics from Jack-Henry Hopper

BDSM comics from Jack-Henry Hopper

Female domination in the 'Madame' BDSM comic from Hopper

Free samples of female domination in the 'Madame' BDSM comic Madame is a strict and experienced Mistress. She makes her slaves drink her piss, punishes them, fucks and humiliates them in every possible way. That's what she's paid for. One day her daughter Martine arrives to spend her holiday. And when she learns the truth about her mother's job... Martine asks her to teach her to dominate men! Good mother, Madame allows her daughter to take part in her BDSM games. Martine is a gifted girl, but she still has a lot to learn... See the lessons of female domination in the 'Madame' exciting BDSM comic!
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