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Adult comics about women in prison cells

Comics and artwork about girls in prisons

Cruel 3D BDSM series 'Captured Assassin'

Captured woman assassin gets cruelly tortured in the 3D adult seires Another cruel fantasy in CG style about women in jail. In these 3D porn series a female assassin gets captured and imprisoned. In the jail cell the woman is going to be cruelly interrogated. She gets stripped naked and tied up to the bars with her legs wide apart. Now all her holes are totally available to be tortured with cattle prods, red-hot iron and pliers. Of course, the executioners couldn't miss a chance of using such a helpless and well-exposed naked girl. By the end the unlucky assassin has all her holes sore and mercilessly fucked, but the interrogation is not over yet... If you like cruel porn fantasies in 3D style, this series if for you.
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