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BDSM comics and artwork about lesbian domination

Obedient girls get dominated and fucked by their strict mistresses in these comics

BDSM Comic 'Pleasure Bound', Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of the 'Pleasure Bound' hot BDSM comic Vicki Faith is a gorgeous TV reporter known for her acid-tongued wit. She's hoping to boost her show's ratings by revealing the secrets of the elusive European star, Bizeray. This actress shocked audiences with raw sexuality and now she's able to satisfy her most deviant interests. Such as a penchant for BDSM and extreme sex and an illegal slave-girl trade. Vicki uses her connection to get accepted as a willing sex slave eager to enter the realm of bondage and submission. She's unaware that Bizeray and her followers take their roles very seriously. See the 1st chapter of the 'Pleasure Bound' BDSM comic!

Lesbian BDSM comic 'Billy and Bettie'

Two secretaries Betty and Billie get dominated by a strict boss lady Betty, a 19 y.o. blonde, applies for a private secretary job. Her future boss, Ms. Jessica, is a dominant lesbian and Betty's OK with it. But there's Billie, a gorgeous brunette who's willing to do everything to get this position too. So Ms. Jessica gets the applicants naked and arranges some perverted competition. Both the girls have perfect bodies and oral skills. But a good secretary must be able to cum in violent ways... Ms. Jessica pulls off their pubic hair, sticks thick dildos up their asses, stings their pussies with nettle... And both the girls prove themselves sensual and obedient slaves! The sluts just enjoy pain and humiliation. So, what's next?

Lesbian BDSM comic 'Housewives At Play #01'

Catherina Mitchel is an ordinary housewife who craves for a good fucking. Her husband's always busy but her friend Patty is happy to help. One day she ties Catherine naked to the cocktail table and gives her a 6-hour long sex marathon. After dozens of orgasms, with her pussy and asshole burning, Catherine is totally exhausted and ready for everything. From now on she is no longer simply a wife and mother. Now she is her best friend's sex slave. Every day she licks Patty's asshole begging to be fucked with this nice plastic cock. And then their good neighbor Beth spies into their secret...

Lesbian BDSM Comic 'Housewives at Play #2'

Horny housewife get an 18-year-old slave girl Once a simple, quiet housewife, Catherine Mitchel is a lesbian sex slave to her friend Patty now. Her mistress trains her well. All Catherine can think of now is orgasms. When Patty leaves her for a day without fuck, Catherine has to masturbate and ass-fuck herself in the shower. But today something changes... Jennifer, who lives a few blocks away, is 18 today, and now she can fulfil her most dirty desires. Catherine finds herself in the horny girl's bed naked, bound and helpless. She gets a good fuck and she's OK with that but then... then Jennifer asks good Mrs. Mitchell to accept her as an obedient sex slave...

Lesbian BDSM drawings 'Housewives At Play - Original Recipe'

Pencil drawings of lesbian BDSM games from Rebecca Life is rather boring for a suburban housewife. The great body with juicy boobs is still full of desires, but the only entertainment is cooking and masturbation. But it's quite another matter with a lesbian slave-girl. The husband is at the office, the kids are at school and you have the whole day to invent new games. You can fuck her with a dildo, spank her and whip her, tie her up and sit on her face... Or you can invite your friends and treat them with a hot pussy and fresh milk right from the tits! See exciting pencil drawings of housewives playing lesbian BDSM games from Rebecca.

Nicole Heat 06: BDSM Session with Barbara

Nicole Heat gets her first BDSM session with Mistress Barbara Nicole Heat gets her first BDSM experience! Jack gives her some address where she meets Barbara. Barbara doesn't look like a lesbian or porn actress, so what's this all about? Nicole gets totally confused when all of a sudden sweet Barbara turns into a rough Mistress. She drags Nicole by her hair down into the basement where Nicole gets her first BDSM session. Using her whip Barbara makes Nicole strip naked, crawl around on all fours, bark and meow... Then she ties Nicole up and starts playing with her holes... And after a while Nicole is begging her Mistress for a fuck! All that pain and humiliation gives Nicole the orgasm of her life...

Nicole Heat 07: My Cutie Catherine!

Nicole Heat plays a Mistress for the first time Nicole Heat pays a visit to her hot friend Catherine. She knows exactly what Catherine wants, but this time Nicole will be a Mistress! After some nice prelude with massage oil and champagne, Nicole starts playing rough. She spends some time giving Catherine a deep foot-fucking. Then she sticks four buzzing vibrators down Catherine's pussy and anus and starts fucking her with a huge strap-on. Catherine is about to cum, but no such luck! Nicole keeps distracting her whipping her tits and clit. Her nasty girlfriend must totally give in, hoping that Mistress Nicole Heat will allow her to reach and orgasm at last.
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