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Adult comics in Japanese style from Shiomaneki

Hentai and adult manga from the Japanese artist Shiomaneki

Adult manga 'Aikawarazu' from Shiomaneki

Rin-chan is a cute and sly young girl. She's in love in her older friend Tatsuya. Because of Tatsuya is a bit slow Rin-chan takes everything into her hands. One day she sprains her ankle and asks Tatsuya to bring her home. Sitting on his bike she presses her tits against his back and touches his cock but he still doesn't get it. But it's not for Rin-chan to give up! She asks Tatsuya to bring some bandages and put them on her ankle. It's a perfect moment to flash her tie-side panties. Still not enough? The string on her panties 'accidentelly' gets untied and Tatsuya can peek at her pussy... See adult manga 'Aikawarazu' from Shiomaneki.

Hot adult manga 'Next Door Nurse'

Anal examination in the 'Next Door Nurse' manga from Shiomaneki A common situation. Taku Tonari-kun, a usual Japanese guy, comes to hospital with a stomach ache. But look, who's that gorgeous, busty nurse? Isn't it Misa-san, the former next-door neighbor, he used to has hots for? Hell yes... And she, definitely, grew even more beautiful since they played and bathed together! And now she's going to do a full medical examination to him... Including deep anal examination... and thorough inspection of his testicles! Well, don't be shy, Taku-kun. When a finger in your anus makes you hard, a good nurse knows well what to do!
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