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Adult comics magazine 'French Kiss' #01

French Kiss Comix is the English version of Spain's very popular erotic anthology, a sizzling collection of adult stories and XXX comics. You can find works from Noe Ignacio, Belore, Messina, Ferocius, Kevin Taylor and other well known artists working in the erotic genre. It is considered Spain's premier erotic art and comics magazine, featuring lusty ladies and horny men in bawdy and promiscuous situations. Also has reviews of erotic books and websites, plus the info on sexual trends and behavior. Issue #01 contains porn comics 'Out Of This World', 'Grandma's Present', 'Power To The Housewives' and many others.

Adult comics magazine 'French Kiss', issue 02

Adult comics magazine 'French Kiss', issue 02 See the second issue of adult comics magazine 'French Kiss'. In this issue you can find 'Random Acts Of Kindness' from Ignacio Noe (the stunning blonde thanks a guy for helping her with her car), 'A Midsummer's Fantasy' from Honey (a girl finds out a way to lose weight eating ice cream), 'Highest Score' from Sosa & Val (if you're ready to fuck the whole jury to gain the Miss Universe crown, don't forget women!) and many other comics from Ferocius, Alvaro, Belore, Juan Emilio and Susi Glamour.

Adult manga 'Aikawarazu' from Shiomaneki

Rin-chan is a cute and sly young girl. She's in love in her older friend Tatsuya. Because of Tatsuya is a bit slow Rin-chan takes everything into her hands. One day she sprains her ankle and asks Tatsuya to bring her home. Sitting on his bike she presses her tits against his back and touches his cock but he still doesn't get it. But it's not for Rin-chan to give up! She asks Tatsuya to bring some bandages and put them on her ankle. It's a perfect moment to flash her tie-side panties. Still not enough? The string on her panties 'accidentelly' gets untied and Tatsuya can peek at her pussy... See adult manga 'Aikawarazu' from Shiomaneki.

Adult Manga 'The Katagari Sisters' from Yukimi

Two shameless Japanese schoolgirls in 'The Katagari Sisters' porn manga from Yukimi It's hard to believe that two schoolgirls Midori and Tsugumi Katagari are own sisters. Midori is tall, sharp and has a pair of sumptuous big breasts. The little sister, Tsugumi, is a short, slim girl with petite tits. And they have totally different tastes in boys too. Tsugumi loves fat and heavy Dajirou. Midori believes that the only part of a guy that should be fat is his cock. And her boyfriend Ken is just that type. One day, after a good fuck in the school infirmary, Midori talks her little sister into swap their boyfriends. Well, it's just to understand what it is like... Or may be the swap will be permanent? See 'The Katagari Sisters' porn manga from Yukimi.

Erotic artworks of Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa

Erotic pictures of famous Maria Ozawa Maria Ozawa is Japanese actress, model, AV idol and world famous porn star. And in our opinion she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She's been doing every dirty and exciting thing you can imagine in her videos and she always looks stunningly. Here are just a few sketches and erotic drawings of Maria Ozawa posing naked.

Hot adult manga 'Next Door Nurse'

Anal examination in the 'Next Door Nurse' manga from Shiomaneki A common situation. Taku Tonari-kun, a usual Japanese guy, comes to hospital with a stomach ache. But look, who's that gorgeous, busty nurse? Isn't it Misa-san, the former next-door neighbor, he used to has hots for? Hell yes... And she, definitely, grew even more beautiful since they played and bathed together! And now she's going to do a full medical examination to him... Including deep anal examination... and thorough inspection of his testicles! Well, don't be shy, Taku-kun. When a finger in your anus makes you hard, a good nurse knows well what to do!

Nicole Heat 01: Casting

Spicy and exciting adventures of Nicole Heat - cool 18 years girl from LA. Nicole considers herself a talented actress in this comic. Why not? She has got long legs, gorgeous breasts, blond hair and she can act out any emotion she wants. But her casting goes totally out of control. She finds herself stark naked with casting agent's fingers deep in her pussy. Camera guy is sneering and trying to get underneath her. But what the hell? They will cut it anyway!

Nicole Heat 04 - More Men!

Porn comic 'Nicole Heat #04 - More Men!' In this part of the comic Nicole Heat gets her first experience of group sex. She is offered a new role in Jack's movie. You can imagine what type of role it is. Soon Nicole finds herself naked on her knees with five cocks rocking in front of her face. Of course, she feels uneasy, but the camera is rolling and it's too late to chicken out. So Nicole go for the biggest black cock, closes her eyes and starts licking the tip... And soon she has all her holes rubbed sore, stretched and full of cum but she still begs for more! Oh, Nicole Heat serving five cocks at once is a sight worth seeing!

Porn manga from Abe Morioka 'Perfect Diet'

Porn manga from Abe Morioka 'Perfect Diet'. Two sisters Onee-chan and Ui-san are upset about growing fat. So Ui-san offers an exciting and unusual diet involving her sex friends. With their help Onee-chan doesn't gain any weight no matter how much she eats. Learn the secret of this magic diet in hentai comic 'Perfect Diet'!

Sex comic 'Bad Pupil' from Ardem

Born slave girl in the 'Bad Pupil' adult comic from Ardem Mathilda is a shy and clumsy virgin. Her hot and brisk friend Vanessa tries to 'loosen her up', but totally in vain. But unexpectedly, Mathilda's problems in college fix the situation... in some way. Mathilda desperately needs to improve her grades. And as a payment for the private lessons, she allows her tutor to fuck her gorgeous tits. It turns out to be absolutely humiliating. Covered in cum and saliva, the half-naked girl has to endure her tutor's laugh and mockery. But the lessons keep going and the horny slob's requests become more and more dirty... See the shy teen girl turning into an elite whore in the 'Bad Pupil' sex comic from Ardem.
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