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Adult comics with girls who love to serve and obey

Heroines of these adult comics are obedient women and slave girls who know their place very well

BDSM comic 'Lord Farris, Slavemaster', part 2

Pony-girl competition in the 'Lord Farris, Slavemaster #2' BDSM comic In this part of the comic Lord Farris stages a contest between the pony-girls. All slaves must demonstrate their shape and posture and than go through the special obstacle course. Of course, Lord Farris's pony-girls are always the most trained and beautiful. That's why his old flame, Mistress Monica asks him to re-train one of her slave-girls. Lord Farris is glad to help but he will request his payment. And when Mistress Monica finds herself naked and tied up she realizes what kind of payment this will be... See the 2nd part of the 'Lord Farris, Slavemaster' BDSM comic.

BDSM comic from Ardem 'I Was A Toy For My Friends'

Obedient slave Dorothee gets her hair messed with cum Dorothee is 18 y.o. and Lucie and Mark are her parents' friends. She feels like their niece but one day Lucie "accidentally" allows her to peek at her sucking on her husband. The sight of blowjob turns out to be madly arousing... Lucie easily seduces Dorothee to masturbate along with her. Then she makes her suck on Marc's cock... Step by step Dorothee turns into an obedient fuck-doll. Lucie enjoys humiliating her slave and it turns out Dorothee loves being humiliated. She submissively strips naked in front of strangers, serves Marc to make him hard for Lucie, get punishment without a word and crawls naked on all fours to get fucked. Unfortunaly, she also allows Lucie to take pictures of her...

BDSM comic `The Villa Of Delights`

Nineteen-year-old girl Roberta is in great need of job. She applied at the Biasini villa for a position as a servant. The conversation with mr Biasini turns into humiliating examination very quickly. Since Roberta understands now what kind of service she will do here, changing her mind is out of the question. And when mr Biasini wants to fuck her ass, she bends over his table obediently and gives up her anal virginity. She's considering this a kind of trial run. In that way she gets her new uniform and takes up her duties. Mr Biasini gives a big reception tonight. And Roberta seems to be served with dessert.

BDSM comics anthology from Tarsis Brian

Hot dreams of submissive women in the BDSM comics from Tarsis Brian The seires of the BDSM comics from Tarsis Brian. You would be surprised if you could take a peek inside the heads of some hot and arrogant women. What they realy desire is to be disciplined and brutally fucked by a strong man. School teacher dreaming about being humiliated and punished in public. Snooty lady boss likes to be stripped naked, whipped and assfucked by her subordinate. Humble office girl dreaming about being tied up naked and fucked by strangers. Unruly teen girl who really wants to be tamed and disciplined. See the hidden dreams of submissive women in our BDSM comics from Tarsis Brian.

Bespectacled sex slave in the 'Dee's Diary #2' BDSM comic

Busty bespectacled slave girl in the 'Dee's Diary #2' fetish comic Dee was an ordinary stenographer once. But she had secret desires for bondage, submission and humiliation. And now she is a pretty bespectacled slave girl with big tits and nice round ass. In this comic Dee leaves her master Jack, because of his new slave girl. She is a free woman again but not for a long time. She is tracked down by members of Jack's BDSM guild. These guys know what to do with escaped slave girls. They strip her naked, bound her and fuck her into senses. After a dozen of orgasms Dee is a willing sex slave again. She passes on from one master to another, experiencing new and new BDSM adventures!

Black and white BDSM comic "Dee's Diary #1"

Dee is just an ordinary English girl. She's got big boobs, wears glasses and works as a stenographer. But deep inside she has a constant desire of humiliation and submission. And one day she gets enough courage to offer herself as a female sex slave to some bi couple. And here her journey begins! She experiences all sorts of bondage, punishments, tortures and finally ends up as a sex slave in the basement of her boss Jack. But her ultimate humiliation is yet to come! See black and white BDSM comic 'Dee's Diary #1'!

Blonde with sexual problems in the 'I Can't Come' BDSM story

Blonde girl gets her sexual problems fixed with a good flogging Illustrated BDSM story about a hot girl with some sexual problems. Arlette has big and firm tits, succulent bottom and perfect blonde hair to die for. She loves her body. She has no disgust toward men or even toward women. She has no medical problems. She'd been fucked, licked, and masturbated in every possible way. And yet she remains frigid. In despair, Arlette tells her sexual problems to a total stranger. She claims she tried everything... But may be this is not exactly true? What about being tied and flogged with a leather belt instead of licked and caressed? Read Arlette's story in this illustrated BDSM short novel.

Erotic drawings 'Big Top Bondage' from Paul Alazar

Erotic drawings of naked girls in ropes from Paul Alazar. This is a series of pencil and ink drawings in soft erotic style. Beautiful women with gorgeous tits and big eyes tied up in the most provocative poses. Naked and half-dressed cuties get tied up in various tricky ways and sometimes get spanked by their men or teachers. See the series 'Big Top Bondage' if you like beautiful erotic drawings, soft bondage and easy spanking.

Fantastic adult comic 'Three Darnum Sisters - Sabarra'

Getting humiliated for money in the 'Three Darnum Sisters' fantastic BDSM comic Megapolis 32, winter 2024... Arousal drugs, virtual sex, mutated fuckmates are available... if you have money. If you don't, it will be you who provides all these pleasures. Moshaya Darnum knows it very well. She must support her mother, pay rent and cover the treatments for her retarded sister, Sabarra. Her landlord, old lecher Mr. Zaduk, has already assfucked her in every imaginable way, gave her to his black slave, made her lick his asshole while he fucked some transsexual whore... And now he wants Moshaya to sell him her poor, retarded sister! The old pervert has something absolutely perverted in store for such a rare piece of ass...

Female domination in the 'Madame' BDSM comic from Hopper

Free samples of female domination in the 'Madame' BDSM comic Madame is a strict and experienced Mistress. She makes her slaves drink her piss, punishes them, fucks and humiliates them in every possible way. That's what she's paid for. One day her daughter Martine arrives to spend her holiday. And when she learns the truth about her mother's job... Martine asks her to teach her to dominate men! Good mother, Madame allows her daughter to take part in her BDSM games. Martine is a gifted girl, but she still has a lot to learn... See the lessons of female domination in the 'Madame' exciting BDSM comic!

Fetish sex comic 'Lord Farris Slavemaster #1'

The first issue of BDSM comic 'Lord Farris Slavemaster'. Synopsis: Lord Farris is a powerful billionaire, slave holder and sadist. He possesses his own island where he runs a huge slave trading business. Unhappy slave girls go through the most cruel training porgram. And when they are fully tamed and branded as sex slaves he sells them to rich perverts as fuck toys. See a sex slave auction in the fetish sex comic 'Lord Farris Slavemaster #1'

Glamour celebrities play slaves in BDSM games

Hollywood stars and world celebrities bound and fucked like slaves Have you ever dreamed about fucking a top model or famous actress? We guess, everyone has. Who can blame us? They parade in those translucent dresses and wiggle their succulent bottoms in front every camera they find. It would be only honest to fuck them hard! Alas, it's almost impossible in real life. But in our artwork all those cockteasing stars and spoiled celebrities, at last, get what they deserve. It's only fantasy, of course. No real stars were harmed in the making of these pics. But you still can enjoy watching the glamour beauties undressed naked, tied and fucked in the most humiliating ways.

Illustrated BDSM story 'An Irresistible Fever'

Illustrated BDSM story about young woman turning into an obedient slave. Synopsis: Anne is an ordinary 22 y.o. woman. Her old friend Arielle invites her to spend a few days at Quiberon, in Brittany. Soon Anne starts noticing something strange in her friend. Little by little she realizes that Arielle is an obedient sex slave of her husband Luke. That her old well known friend gets her ass brutally whipped and fucked every night. And what is more, Arielle loves being slave and enjoys getting punished and humiliated. Anne feels excited and frightened at the same time. Read erotic story 'An Irresistible Fever'.

Lesbian BDSM comic 'Billy and Bettie'

Two secretaries Betty and Billie get dominated by a strict boss lady Betty, a 19 y.o. blonde, applies for a private secretary job. Her future boss, Ms. Jessica, is a dominant lesbian and Betty's OK with it. But there's Billie, a gorgeous brunette who's willing to do everything to get this position too. So Ms. Jessica gets the applicants naked and arranges some perverted competition. Both the girls have perfect bodies and oral skills. But a good secretary must be able to cum in violent ways... Ms. Jessica pulls off their pubic hair, sticks thick dildos up their asses, stings their pussies with nettle... And both the girls prove themselves sensual and obedient slaves! The sluts just enjoy pain and humiliation. So, what's next?

Lesbian BDSM comic 'Housewives At Play #01'

Catherina Mitchel is an ordinary housewife who craves for a good fucking. Her husband's always busy but her friend Patty is happy to help. One day she ties Catherine naked to the cocktail table and gives her a 6-hour long sex marathon. After dozens of orgasms, with her pussy and asshole burning, Catherine is totally exhausted and ready for everything. From now on she is no longer simply a wife and mother. Now she is her best friend's sex slave. Every day she licks Patty's asshole begging to be fucked with this nice plastic cock. And then their good neighbor Beth spies into their secret...

Lesbian BDSM Comic 'Housewives at Play #2'

Horny housewife get an 18-year-old slave girl Once a simple, quiet housewife, Catherine Mitchel is a lesbian sex slave to her friend Patty now. Her mistress trains her well. All Catherine can think of now is orgasms. When Patty leaves her for a day without fuck, Catherine has to masturbate and ass-fuck herself in the shower. But today something changes... Jennifer, who lives a few blocks away, is 18 today, and now she can fulfil her most dirty desires. Catherine finds herself in the horny girl's bed naked, bound and helpless. She gets a good fuck and she's OK with that but then... then Jennifer asks good Mrs. Mitchell to accept her as an obedient sex slave...

Sex comic 'Bad Pupil' from Ardem

Born slave girl in the 'Bad Pupil' adult comic from Ardem Mathilda is a shy and clumsy virgin. Her hot and brisk friend Vanessa tries to 'loosen her up', but totally in vain. But unexpectedly, Mathilda's problems in college fix the situation... in some way. Mathilda desperately needs to improve her grades. And as a payment for the private lessons, she allows her tutor to fuck her gorgeous tits. It turns out to be absolutely humiliating. Covered in cum and saliva, the half-naked girl has to endure her tutor's laugh and mockery. But the lessons keep going and the horny slob's requests become more and more dirty... See the shy teen girl turning into an elite whore in the 'Bad Pupil' sex comic from Ardem.
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