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Extreme porn comics (3rd degrees, tortures, executions etc)

Cruel porn comics with punishments and tortures of naked women

3D artwork of an elvish princess getting tortured and fucked

A short and cruel adult story in 3D style. A blonde elvish princes gets captured by orcs. She gets delivered to a dark magician who give her to his huge and slimy monsters. Unhappy princess gets hung up, tortured and fucked during a perverted and cruel ritual.

Cruel 3D BDSM series 'Captured Assassin'

Captured woman assassin gets cruelly tortured in the 3D adult seires Another cruel fantasy in CG style about women in jail. In these 3D porn series a female assassin gets captured and imprisoned. In the jail cell the woman is going to be cruelly interrogated. She gets stripped naked and tied up to the bars with her legs wide apart. Now all her holes are totally available to be tortured with cattle prods, red-hot iron and pliers. Of course, the executioners couldn't miss a chance of using such a helpless and well-exposed naked girl. By the end the unlucky assassin has all her holes sore and mercilessly fucked, but the interrogation is not over yet... If you like cruel porn fantasies in 3D style, this series if for you.

Cruel 3D porn story `24 Hours`

Captured woman cop gets cruelly tortured and interrogated Jennifer McCarthy is a beautiful woman and captain of US DEA. This night she leads a squad of Columbian antidrug forces in their fight against the local mafia. In the key moment, when it's time to attack drugdealers' hideout, she is betrayed by her own men. Three scums, Manuel, Pedro and Juan has all night to fuck 'gringo slut' in any dirty way they want. In the morning Jennifer comes to her senses being stretched up on the ground with a bottle in her vagina. But the worst part is yet to come. Senor Mendoza, the local boss, is very upset. He needs some answers, and his assistant doctor Ramirez knows the most cruel ways to loosen tongues. Jennifer is naked, tied to a chair and absolutely helpless. Does she has any hope?

Cruel fetish comic 'The Confession of Guilt'

Innocent girl Angela gets kidnapped in 'The Confession of Guilt' extreme BDSM comic Angela, the 18 y.o. girl from a Christian family, gets punished for masturbating. Her pious parents send her to a strict boarding school, Heaven's Manor. Unfortunately, the headmaster of the school, Father Roccasius, appears to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. He enjoys torturing and humiliating the innocent girls and then forces them into sexual slavery. Very soon Angela ends up chained to a metal table and loses her virginity in the hands of another depraved maniac. Her only hope is to let her parents know. Angela's mother falls into Father Roccasius' hands too... See Angela's life as a slave in the 'Confession Of Guilt' cruel BDSM comic!

Cruel porn comic 'The Steel Trap Maiden'

Arrogant princess gets captured, tortured and fucked in the 'Steel Trap Maiden' porn comic

Porn manga 'Dark Ping-Pong Club'

Japanese schoolgirl gets punished and tamed in the 'Dark Ping-Pong Club' fetish manga Japanese schoolgirl Nozomi San gets caught stealing from a school ping-pong club. The boys are going to punish her but Nozomi has a good friend Mikawa Kaede. Kaede agrees to take Nozomi's ordeal. In no time she is stripped naked and tied up. The guys enjoy beating, fucking and abusing her as they wish. In the end they shove a ball machine's barrel into Kaede's ass... And the device shoots the balls deep into the poor girl's guts all night long! But where is Nozomi? She was supposed to run and call for help, where is she? Read the 'Dark Ping-Pong Club' porn manga to learn what happened to Nozomi and her friend!
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