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Naked girls get punished with whips, canes, birches and leather belts

Cruel sex comics with severe corporal punishments. Naked women get cruelly whipped, caned or flogged by their masters

Blonde with sexual problems in the 'I Can't Come' BDSM story

Blonde girl gets her sexual problems fixed with a good flogging Illustrated BDSM story about a hot girl with some sexual problems. Arlette has big and firm tits, succulent bottom and perfect blonde hair to die for. She loves her body. She has no disgust toward men or even toward women. She has no medical problems. She'd been fucked, licked, and masturbated in every possible way. And yet she remains frigid. In despair, Arlette tells her sexual problems to a total stranger. She claims she tried everything... But may be this is not exactly true? What about being tied and flogged with a leather belt instead of licked and caressed? Read Arlette's story in this illustrated BDSM short novel.

Cruel porn comic 'The Steel Trap Maiden'

Arrogant princess gets captured, tortured and fucked in the 'Steel Trap Maiden' porn comic

Drawings of female domination from Bill Ward

Naked male slave get dominated and punished by their strict Mistress The artwork series of a brunette Mistress punishing her male slaves from Bill Ward. Cruel brunette with huge tits injoys humiliating and taming her obedient slaves. Naked men gets flogged and spanked over the knee, tortured and humiliated in front of their Mistress's guests, ass-fucked with dildos and various thick items and so on. But even being brutally whipped these slaves are happy to crawl at their Mistress's feet and kiss her magnificent bottom. See the classic art of female domination from Bill Ward!
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